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VHS  Advanced Flameworking Techniques Al Janelle of Ambeadextros
VHS  Albuquerque Flame Off 2002 - Bead Flame Off Crystal Myths 
DVD  Albuquerque Flame off 2002 Bead Lewis Wilson/Crystal Myth
DVD  Albuquerque Flame off 2002 Documentary Lewis Wilson/Crystal Myth
DVD  Albuquerque Flame off 2002 Marble Lewis Wilson/Crystal Myth
DVD  Albuquerque Flame off 2002 Sculpture/Goblet 1 Lewis Wilson/Crystal Myth
DVD  Albuquerque Flame off 2002 Sculpture/Goblet 2 Lewis Wilson/Crystal Myth
DVD  All Fired Up Laura Copeland
DVD  Basics of Art Clay Silver Jewelry Jackie Trudy
V  Beads and Beyond  Leroy Goertz 
DVD  Beginning Fritography Michael Dupille
DVD  Boro Basics Brent Raber
DVD  Boro Basics Brent  Graber
DVD  Canework Filigrana Murine & External Color Patte Milon Townsend
V Chihuly in Action
DVD  Corina Jones and the Secrets of Stringer  Corina Tettinger 
DVD  Crystal Myth The Video of Hard Glass Lewis C. Wilson 
DVD  Crystal Myth The Video of Soft Glass Lewis C. Wilson 
DVD  Deck the Halls Michael Haberland
DVD  Essential Boro Beadmaking Corbin, Jalof, McBurnett
DVD  Essential of Beadmaking Shuster, Mcburnett, Corbin
V  Flamework - An Intimate Act  Suellen Fowler 
DVD  Flameworking Glass Sculpture Timothy Lindermann
DVD  Flameworking with Dichroic Glass Milon Townsend
V  Glass Bead Making  Gil Reynolds 
V Intermediate Beadmaking  Kate  Fowle Meleney's
V Introduction to Glass Fussing Kathy Wilson
V  Lampworking by Crystal Myths Part 1 Lewis C. Wilson 
V  Lampworking by Crystal Myths Part 2 Lewis C. Wilson 
DVD  Leonardo Petal Pullers Karen Leonardo
V  Making Beads w Stained Glass - Part 1 Kate Drew Wilkinson 
V Making Beads with Stained Glass Remnants Kate Drew-Wilkerson
DVD  Making Boro Beads Lewis C. Wilson 
DVD  Making Dichroic Beads Pat Frantz
DVD  Making Inside Out Beads Shannon Hill
V  Smircick Makes Beads  James Smircick 
V  The Aquarium Bead  Pati Walton 
DVD  The Art of Beadmaking Demos Volume 1 Brad Pearson
DVD  The Art of Glass Fusing Creative Craftman 
V The Basics of making Marbles Gerry Colman
V  The Making of Murrini Part 1 Crystal Myths 
V  The Making of Murrini Part 2 Crystal Myths 
DVD  The Sculpted Rose Marilyn Peraza
DVD  Using Northstar Frit and Powder Milon Townsend
VHS  Vessels - Modern Approach to an Ancient Craft Richard Porevost
DVD  Watercolor Floral Bead Tutorial Dolly Ahlers

Books: (Title / Author)

1000 Beads Kristina Logan
1000 Glass Beads  Lark Books 
1000 Jewelry Inspirations Sandra Salamony
1001 Beads David and Charles
200 Beading Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets Jean Power
200 Creative Crafts for you and your Family Megan Hiller
A Kihiro Ohkama Introduction to Japanese Beads Jim Kervin 
A touch of Glass Karen Alden
Aquamarine & Landscape Beads of Pat Walton and Her Intricate Murine  Jim Kervin 
Art of Enameling  Linda Darty
Art of Resin Jewelry Sheri Haabf
Artistic Seed Bead Jewelry Maggie Roschyk
Bead Crochet A Beadwork How to Book Bethany Berry
Bead Jewelry Business  Kate Drew Wilkinson 
Bead Review 2005 Brad Pearson
Bead Review Book Brad Pearson
Bead Trends Jan/Feb 2008
Beaded Fantasies Sabine Lippert
Beaded Opulence Marcoa DeCoster
Beaded Treasures Robin Atkins
Beading Across America Paulette Baron, Amy Katz, Sherry Serafini
Beads in Motion Marcia DeCoster
Beads of Courage - How to Fine Folly Glass Works
Beads of Glass  Cindy Jenkins 
Beautiful Leather Jewelry Melissa Cable
Big Book of Beautiful Beads Elizabeth Gourly and Ellen Talbott
Bluff Road Art Glass Kim Neely
Bracelets, Buttons and Brooches Jane Davis
Brightly Colored Beads & Vessels - Heather Trimlett  Jim Kervin 
Classic Bead Shapes - Jim Smircich  Jim Kervin 
Clay Characters for Kids Maureen Carlson
Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking Kimberly Adams
Contemporary Lampworking  Vol  III Bandhu Dunham 
Contemporary Cube Bead Design Virginia  Jensen
Contemporary Lampworking Vol 1 Bandhu Dunham 
Contemporary Lampworking Vol 2 Bandhu Dunham 
Create Jewelry Crystals Marlene Blessing
Creating Glass Beads Jeri L. Warhafting
Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry Karen Leonardo
Creative Bead Jewelry Carol Taylor
Creative Lampwork Joan Gordon
Crystal Beaded Jewellery Christine Hooghe
Cube-saics Elizabeth Townes
dot, dot, dots! Deanna Griffin Dove
Dots  The Art of Beadmaking Deanna Griffin Dove
Draw - Animals  Walter Foster 
Draw - Bugs  Walter Foster 
Draw - Dinosaurs  Walter Foster 
Draw - Horses and Ponies  Walter Foster 
Draw Really Cool Stuff Doug DuBosque
Draw-Everything  Walter Foster 
Draw-Things that Move  Walter Foster 
Embellished Beadwork Laure McCabe
Enamel & Electroform Decorated Beads of Kate Fowle Melaney  Jim Kervin 
Encase It Deanna Griffin Dove
Fantastic Fabric Folding  Rebecca Wat 
Favorite Beading Projects Diane Fitzgerald
Fiber - Wire Beads & Jewelry  Lisa Vann 
First Steps in Enameling  James McGrath
Floral Beads of Leah Fairbank  Jim Kervin 
Freeform Peyote Beading Karen Williams
Frit Secrets Valorie Cox
Gail Crosman Moore's Borosilicate Beads of Nature Jim Kervin 
Glamorus Beaded Jewelry M. T. Ryan
Glass Bead Trip Claudia Trimbur-Pagel
Glass Bead Inspirations Louise MeHafey
Glass Bead Inspirations Louise MeHaffey
Glass Bead Jewelry Projects Nelli Rees
Glass Bead Workshop Jeri L. Warhafting
Glass Beads - Tips, Tools, & Techniques Louise Mahaffey
Glass Core Tonbo-Dama Japaneses Glass Beads Kogure Norikazu
Glass Forming with the Mold Block System Petra Kaiser
Great Beaded Gifts Linda Gettings
Great Wire Jewelry Irene Fran Peterson
Handcrafted Wire Findings Denise Peck & Jane Dickerson
Hot off the Press Lori Greenberg
Innovative Adornments Jayne Persico
Japanese Braiding--Kumihimo Jacqui Caarey
Jewelry Architect Kate McKinnon
Lampwork Beads & Glass Jewelry Hava & Danny Ronat
Lampwork ETC Tutorials & Tips Lulu
Links Jean Yates
Making Bead and Wire Jewelry  Dawn Cusuick 
Making Glass Beads Cindy Jenkins 
Marble Techniques for Flameworkers Chad Trent
Masters Glass Beads Leading Artists
Metal Clay & Mixed Media Jewelry Serri Haab
Metal Clay for Beaders Irina Miech
Metal Magic Kim St. Jean
Metalworking 101 for Beaders Candie Cooper
Micro Macrame Annika deGroot
Obsession A Ten Year Affair with Beads
Our Living World - Fish Edward R Ricciuti
Passing the Flame  Corina Tettinger 
Penland Book of Glass Lark Crafts
Penland Book of Glass 2 Lark Books 
Photographing Arts, Crafts & Collectables Steve Meltzer
Polymer Clay Beads Carol Blackburn
Polymer Clay Color \Inspirations Lindly Hounani and Maggie Maggio
Seed Bead Stitching Beth Stone
Shaped Beadwork Diane Fitzgerald
Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry Heidi Boyd
Simply Handmade  Meredith Books 
Simply Pearls Nancy Alden
Stringing Style  Jamie Hogsett
The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving Carol Wilcox Wells
The Art and Soul of Glass Beads Susan Ray, Richard Pear
The Art of Resin Jewelry  Sherri Haab
The Best Little Beading Book Wendy Simpson Conner
The Enameled and Etched Beads Jim Kervin 
The Glass Artist's Studio Handbook Cecilia Cohen
The Law for Crafts Leonard D DuBoff
The Michaels Book of Arts and Crafts Dawn Cussick and Megan Kirby
The Society of Glass Beadmakers  1998
The Ultimate Painting Book Barbara Finwall and Nancy Javier
Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry Barbara Lewis
Totally Twisted Kerry Bogart
Vitreous Painting Tech.  Branwel Hellman
Wire Wrapping and Beyond Jim McIntosh
World of Wonderful Beads of Sharon Peters  Jim Kervin 
Your Guide to Creativity JoAnn
Zulu Inspired Beadwork Diane Fitzgerald